Language is not merely a tool. It can be abused or misused just like a drug.

© Wolfgang J. Reus (1959 – 2006), German journalist, satirist, aphorist and poet

Professional translations and proofreading/editing in the language combinations

English – German and German – English

Welcome to my website

I have many years of experience in the field of qualified technical translations. I have been working as a freelance translator since 2000, after having been employed by various commercial enterprises for several years. Since then, I have been able grow my base of highly satisfied customers from a wide range of industries.

Language combinations:
English – German
German – English

If it is important to you to use language correctly, i.e. unambiguously and appropriately for the respective target group, I am the competent partner for you. To me, translating is not only about transferring a text into another language, but above all about adapting it to the respective linguistic, social and cultural context and particularities.

Over the course of my professional career, I have seen many poor translations. The reasons are manifold: unrealistic deadlines, ambiguous source texts, lack of contact between client and translator, improper use of machine translation, incorrect use of computer programs, insufficiently qualified language service providers (bilingual laymen without any translation training) and much more. Click on the following link to access a brochure published by the ADÜ Nord and the BDÜ (Association of German Translators), which was produced in cooperation with the translators’ associations Asetrad (Spain), ATA (USA), ITI (Great Britain) and SFT (France) and contains many useful tips.

Translation: getting it right