Language is not merely a tool. It can be abused or misused just like a drug.

© Wolfgang J. Reus (1959 – 2006), German journalist, satirist, aphorist and poet


In my translations I put great value on reflecting the style of the source text as the language of different documents, e.g. business letters, technical manuals or marketing texts, is substantially different.  If required, I will also localize the target text, i.e. adapt currencies, local times, measurements as well as cultural characteristics to the target market. Technical terms will of course be researched thoroughly so that the target text will not “sound translated”. In my areas of expertise, I always keep up to date in terms of content and language, and keep abreast of the latest market and technology developments.

As my client, you will have direct contact to the translator – there is no mediating agency. That way you can influence the results of the translation and I can respond to your individual requirements.

Reliability, timeliness, quality and discretion are my highest priorities.


Review and correction of a text with regard to spelling, punctuation and grammar


Review and correction of a text with regard to spelling, punctuation, grammar and style

Technical equipment

Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Translation memory systems (systems for the creation of glossaries, ensurance of a consistent use of technical terms and terminologies across documents):

SDL Trados Studio 2021
WordFast Pro

SDL Trados Studio
Wordfast Pro